Upper: Premium leather with beautiful organic grain & characteristics. Strong, breathable, varies depending on your choice.  

Footbed: Natural vegetable-tanned  pure leather. Highly breathable, moisture-wicking.

Midsole: Hidden yet significant. Pure artisan vegetable-tanned leather, flexible & shock-absorbing. 

Sole: Full-grain, hard-wearing pure natural leather. Flexible, curves to your gait. Meant to be repaired after much use rather than disposed of.

Cork filler for premium shock-absorption, clean & anti-microbial.


Handcrafted for a reason.

Upper: Thinned, highly-processed materials, leather's natural characteristics are erased, replaced with paints.

Sole: Rubber, extremely low cost yet meant for disposal after worn down.

Foam layer for illusion of comfort.

Filler: Felt fibers. Nearly invisible.


Lining: Synthetic plastic restricts air flow.

Stiffener: Hidden plastic or fiberglass piece supports the thin material layers.


Meant for mass-production.