A first-generation shoemaker

My passion for shoemaking derived first from a love of leather - not just the delightfully rich scent but also the array of textures and colors. With many dreams of the perfect shoes my leather fascination lead me to the age-old study of shoemaking.

Long hours were spent as I obtained the proper supplies and perfecting my technique, as shoemakers seem to be a quiet network of like-minded folks, willing to share a few secrets but difficult to track down. With sore, calloused hands, eyelashes coated in dust with so much ruined, valuable leather ruined, I'd worry that it simply wasn't worth all this. In my heart I always knew it was what I was meant to do. 

The puzzle pieces came together gradually, and I was a seasoned, first-generation shoemaker without hardly realizing it! I love the opportunity to share my designs, they were my motivation always. I am always open to custom work as well, don't hesitate to message me so we can discuss your vision.

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